Super Vektoroids

Old School meets New School in this exciting VR arcade-inspired action shooter! Destroy the various asteroids types while defending yourself from the AI enemy onslaught! Compete with players across the world for the top spot in the World Leaderboards! With 6 unlockable player ships, 16 enemy types with unique AI and patterns, 6 fun power-ups and an ever increasing difficulty, Super Vektoroids has excellent replay value that will keep you coming back for more arcade action.

Releasing on GearVR, Rift and Vive for Early Access soon!


Collect powerups and fight off the relentless AI in glorious 360 VR!


Use Bombs, Missiles, Shields, PowerShot, Drones and even a Time Bubble to stay alive and get the highest score possible.


Destroy 16 types of enemies, including multi-hit Power enemies and watch the AI difficulty increase as you advance through the stages.



Experience brain popping 3D particle explosions, and enemy and asteroid debris that flies in your face for that wow factor only VR gaming can offer.


Select from 6 different Vektorian Player Ships, each with its own unique feel and weapon.


Old School Arcade Action thats truly in your face! SuperVektoroids!