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The Vektorverse is under attack by the Glytch Armada!

A Spectrum of Light Fighters, piloted by YOU, are the only chance left to save the Vektorverse from total darkness.

Human, Join the Arcadian Fleet today!
Only YOU can Save the Vektorverse!

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Gameplay & Features

Super Vektoroids is a 1980s arcade inspired 360° VR Shooter, where the non-stop action is all around you!

  • 6 Light Fighters to choose from, all unique in control feel
  • Various battle locations with an 80's retro vibe
  • Adventure Mode unlocks some retro surprises!
  • Casual to Intense Gameplay
  • Powerups like Time Warping OverClock, Light Shields, PowerShot, and Hyper Drones keep the gameplay fun!
  • Arcade inspired Sound and Music bring that 80s nostalgia straight to your ears
  • Leaderboard to challenge the Top Score!

Will you join the battle to save the Vektorverse?

Heed the Call, Human!
Coming to Steam Eventually!

Light Fighters

Pilot your favorite Light Fighter, each with unique feel and weapon, and drive back the Glytch Armada! From the floaty and loose 'Looney', to the Hyper Fast 'VFO', which Light Fighter will be your 'go-to' ship to rise in the Leaderboards?

Challenging Enemies

The Glytch Armada Forces are formidable, and range from one hit enemies like the Flakkers, to the super strong Orbulons and Shielded Gunzors! Saving the Vektorverse won't be easy, but there is no choice but to fight!

Deadly Asteroids

Classic Primaroids, explosive Magmaroids, tough as nails Metalroids, speedy Meteors, shattering Glasstroids and Icestroids, plus highly unstable Vortexaroids and more, environmental hazards abound!

The Light Fighters


Mining Ship

Stroider is a Spektral-Crystal mining ship, who is not exactly happy with the potential drudgery of a new job.
Stroider dreams of more adventure beyond the day in and day out. However, Stroiders first day at a new Mining Outpost brings with it the Call to Adventure!

Stroider Stats: 

  • Speed: Average
  • Weapon: Average
  • Boost: Average
  • Power-Up Ability: Homing Star Shot
  • Special Ability: ???

Status: Awaiting

*Ship Gifs created with ProLost VectorKit

Major Hektrex 

Arcadian Military

Hero of renown throughout the corners of the Vektorverse, and a fierce and honorable protector of Arcadia Prime, Major Hektrex yearns for the action of the Golden Age. A long time veteran, Major Hektrex led the Arcadian Fleet to stunning victory over the Invaser Assault long ago, but now, during peace time, Major Hektrex has lost spirit and has grown restless for a return to action.

Major Hektrex Stats: 

  • Speed: Above Average
  • Weapon: Above Average
  • Boost: Average
  • Power-Up Ability: ???
  • Special Ability: ???

Status: Retired



Two opposite ships oddly attracted together as one, with a little understood strange-quantum bond, Doo-Lee travelled the Vektorverse as freelancers assisting various worlds with minor problems. However, all contact with Doo-Lee has been lost for some time, and many fear that Doo-Lee will never be seen again...

Doo-Lee Stats: 
  • Speed: Medium
  • Weapon: ???
  • Boost: ???
  • Power-Up Ability: ???
  • Special Ability: ???

Status: M.I.A


Chaotic Rogue

What can be said about Looney...

Looney the Wild Card? Looney the Lunatic? Looney the Screw Loose Prankster! Many monikers have been given to this mysterious ship, but Looney takes it all with a wink and a grin. Looney has made many wild claims, with outright bizarre theories on the true nature of the Vektorverse, but most just wave off Looney's 'rants'. One of the fastest ships, Looney tends to disappear into the outreaches where others dare not travel. Some fear that Looney will never come back from having travelled too far out...

Looney Stats:

  • Speed: Fast
  • Weapon: ???
  • Boost: ???
  • Power-Up Ability: ???
  • Special Ability: ???

Status: M.I.A


Magmorok Warrior

GeoWarrior is a much feared and highly trained warrior from the Planet Magmorok, a world that holds a tentative and tenuous peace agreement with Vektor Prime. All blazing guns with a fiery streak, GeoWarrior will stop at nothing to defend Magmorok and its territory.

GeoWarrior Stats:

  • Speed: Slow
  • Weapon: ???
  • Boost: ???
  • Power-Up Ability: ???
  • Special Ability: ???

Status: Active Duty


Star Guardian

VFO is a mysterious Star Guardian. No one knows much of anything about the Star Guardians. Legend says they exist 'somewhere' in the Vektorverse and are believed to not get involved in 'petty affairs'. Others say they are hive minded cult, but many think they don't exist at all. No one actually knows their true nature, due to limited information swirled with rumor and conjecture. Ancient knowledge of the Star Guardians seems to have been lost, altered or corrupted. A true mystery indeed.

VFO Stats:

  • Speed: Hyper
  • Weapon: ???
  • Boost: ???
  • Power-Up Ability: ???
  • Special Ability: ???

Status: No Data

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