Enter the Game!

The Vektorverse is under attack by the Glytch Armada! A Spectrum of Light Fighters, piloted by YOU, are the only chance left to save the Vektorverse from total darkness.

Human, Join the Arcadian Fleet today! 
Only YOU can Save the Vektorverse!

Alpha Trailer

Our first Gameplay Trailer for Super Vektoroids. New Teaser Trailer coming soon!

Gameplay & Features

Super Vektoroids is a 1980s arcade inspired 360° VR Shooter, where the non-stop action is all around you!

  • 6 Light Fighters to choose from, all unique in control feel
  • Various battle locations with an 80's retro vibe
  • Adventure Mode unlocks some retro surprises!
  • Casual to Intense Gameplay
  • Powerups like Time Warping OverClock, Light Shields, PowerShot, and Hyper Drones keep the gameplay fun!
  • Arcade inspired Sound FX bring that 80s nostalgia straight to your ears
  • Leaderboard to challenge the top score

Will you join the battle to save the Vektorverse?
Heed the call, Human!

Light Fighters

Pilot your favourite Light Fighter, each with unique feel and weapon, and drive back the enemy forces! From the floaty and loose 'Looney Lander', to the Hyper Fast 'VFO', which Light Fighter will be your go to ship to rule the Leaderboards?

Challenging Enemies

Enemies range from one hit kill enemies like the Flakkers, to the super strong Orbulons and Shielded Gunners! Saving the Vektorverse won't be easy, but there is no choice but to fight!

Deadly Asteroids

Classic Asteroids, explosive Magmaroids, tough as nails Metalroids, speedy Meteors, and highly unstable Vortexaroids, it won't be just enemies that will provide a challenge!

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